Melissa Coleman won her first Cat 4 race in 2004 and then immediately went on to get pregnant and have identical twin girls. Now that the kids are five, she plans to join the PVC Saturday Morning Ride, the Back Bay Thursday Night Ride and do some races and time trials. When not cycling and chasing after her husband and children, she works as a writer and web designer at http://www.writehands.com.

Mike Golay

I was thrilled when I learned that Josh opened his own bike mechanic service, not just because Josh is an excellent and reputable wrench, but because Josh is not a small man. Josh is, in fact, rather a large man, about the size of an average grizzly bear, albeit a grizzly bear on a diet. People talk about the fast service Josh provides. Well, let me tell you something. If you were a grizzly bear, with an armspan T H I S W I D E then you too would be turning bikes around in no time, because you’d be able to work on at least four bikes simultaneously. Productivity, people. Look it up. You will find a picture of a grizzly bear with a face of Josh. This is one of the many key details that keeps me coming back to Josh for bike maintenance. I should mention that Josh has thumbs, is 300% more careful with bikes than would be the average grizzly bear and that he has not as yet 1) mauled or 2) attempted to eat me. Until those things happen, I’ll keep returning to my favorite neighborhood bike mechanic/ursine wonder for top-notch service. I would suggest bringing treats.

Mike has been racing bicycles here and there since before you were born and is happy to bore you with tales of what it was like to ride a frameset made of Reynolds 531: heavier but neat-o

Stacy Cimino

“I trust Josh and know that he has my best interest in mind. I know that he will look out for what I need and do not need. He will try to educate me on my bike. He will repeat the same basic bike maintenance skills to me over and over, and always kindly. He keeps me safe on the road. His price is fair. His service is fast and thorough. He will be there when and where you need him. He is flexible with his schedule and will accommodate my lack of planning and “I need you to do it now – please”. A coffee (black) will sometimes help during these moments – and good beer if it is late, or at the end of the week. It feels good to know that he is looking over my bike with a critical eye and I am grateful to be one of his clients!”

I have been a triathlete since 2004. Mom to Luca 3 and Nicho 6 and wife to David. I have completed sprint, olympic, and half IM races. This year I will be completing my first full Ironman in Lake Placid. I am coached by Kurt Perham – PBMC.

Stephanie Chase

“Josh is a very helpful mechanic that specializes in bicycle repair and mechanical education. He takes the time with his customers to be sure they understand how their bike works and why certain mechanical parts need replacing versus just repaired. The idea of having a service specific shop enables all of his customers the benefit of understanding their bikes better and takes the intimidation out of walking into a retail specific shop.”

Stephanie is the Women’s Racing Devleopment Coordinator for New England Bike Racing Association (NEBRA) working to develop womens bike racing while teaching racing clinics throughout New England. She is a licensed coach through USA Cycling and races at the catagory 2 level on the Women’s Elite team for Stage5 Racing as well as cyclocross for Team International Bicycle.

Carrie McCusker

“Let’s see, since Freeman’s Bicycle Service began taking customers, I’ve had two time trial bikes in for clean-up, tune-up, a new cassette and new tires. I’ve browsed the mega-catalogs on hand of bike parts and supplies of just about every type while in the shop, and tapped Josh’s experience and opinion on what to do with my machines. I really appreciate that Josh is always responsive, honest and has the knowledge and the resources to take care of all issues. I like that there is open communication and I never feel like I’m getting ripped off. I enjoy when I have the opportunity to stop in the shop and catch up. There is peace of mind that comes knowing my bike is safe to ride, fast, and that each time it gets to the shop, it is eyeballed by someone with the experience and technical knowledge that I lack. Finally, the work is always done in a timely manner. You can’t get any better than the attention you’ll get at Freeman’s Bicycle Service.”

I am a competitive Nordic skier, triathlete, teacher/educational consultant, coach, CEO of my home and a happy part of a great family made up of me, Tom and our two kids, Jacob and Izzy. Several time USAT All-American, I have recently joined the ranks of ‘master’ competitors. I am coached by the notoriously excellent Kurt Perham. My skis are waxed by the well-known Roger Knight of BNS. My PT Tim Davoren of OA keeps my muscular system in line. It is only natural that my bike is tended to by the discerning eye of Josh Freeman. I am training for the Lake Placid Ironman this season.

Michael Kearney

“Josh has worked on my bike many times and I have been consistently impressed with his dependable and professional work. From minor tune-ups to complete rebuilds, Josh does it all and does it well. With his speedy repairs, personal service, and attention to detail, you feel like you are on a ProTour team without having to lose the weight or be really fast….”