Mechanical Services

When you roll in your bike or even your child’s bike expect to stay for a full assessment. You will be given a range of repair and replace options and an estimate that best suits your budget – We will not accept work on any bike that we feel is unsafe to ride when leaving the shop. When your bike has been serviced you will soon hear back. Upon pick-up you will be given a final assessment and your questions will be answered professionally. Your itemized receipt of parts and service completed will be emailed or printed for your bike records. Additional charges may be added for necessary small parts and labor.

Level 1 Tune $60*- True Wheels and adjust Hubs, Brake Shoes & Cables, Derailleur Screws & Cables, Bottom Bracket and Headset. All Bolts are torqued for safety and all movable parts are lubricated. Frame and Fork wiped down – Test Ride – “Basic Tune” or “Riding Safe”

Level 2 Tune $115* – Level 1 tune PLUS removing and cleaning the Drivetrain (Cassette, Chain, Crank, Derailleurs) with a NON-Hazardous Parts Washer. The Wheels and Brakes are hand cleaned and the Frame and Fork are polished – Test Ride – “Race Ready” or “Road Worthy”

Level 3 Overhaul $195* – Level 1&2 PLUS All Bike Parts will be removed from the Frame and appropriately cleaned and regreased and lubricated. The Bottom Bracket tube and Derailleur Hanger threads are chased and the bike is reassembled with NEW Derailleur and Brake Cables and Housing. Come back within 30days for a Free on-the-spot Cable adjustment, if needed. “Annual Overhaul” or “The Way Bikes Should Be”

Level 3TT Overhaul (Time Trial/Triathlon) $225* – Same Overhaul as above, but your specialized bike needs more time and attention. This Overhaul includes inspecting and torquing the Cockpits Extensions, Arm Rests and Integrated Brakes, routing Internal Cables and Housing installation through tough angles while working around or perfecting the stability of multiple frame and bar accessories (The Pantry). “The 4 Hour Job That Usually Takes 8″

*Parts not included and additional labor may apply

Hourly Rate – $60hr.

Minimum Labor – $10 “Can you check this real quick?”

Common Services:

$without Tune/$with Tune

Change Tube or Install Tire – $10/$5
Install Cassette – $10/$5
Install Chain – $10/$5
Replace Cable – $10/$5

Install Brake Pads – $10pr./$5pr.

Other Services:

Install Tubular Tire – $60 (allow 72 hours for installation, prep work and glue included)
Bike Build – Minimum $75 / Maximum $320